Timeline of Events, post-crash

08:46:52-08:47:07 EDT [17:37-17:52] NEADS TTs don’t know last known heading of AA 11; note: ZBW told ID Desk AA 11’s heading towards JFK; note: AA 11 is flown into the North Tower of the WTC at this very moment
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

TT (NEADS): That’s 11.
Jeffrey Richmond (NEADS): Go ahead, 11.
TT: Do we have a last known heading?
Richmond: We don’t know. All we know is what was his last know area, don’t know heading. Um, just – from what they’re telling me, from what we’re getting, we’re looking for a primary target.
TT: Copy.
Richmond: Search target.

08:46:55-08:47:07 EDT [20:52-21:04] Meanwhile NEADS ID Desk asks ZNY for a further Lat/Long
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

Sharon Majeski (ZNY): Right now he’s primary only.
Shelley Watson (NEADS): You have no mode 3 or anything?
Majeski: Um, I’m not …
Watson: Or a location?
Majeski: Not showing anything no.
Watson: A Lat/Long?
Majeski: Hold on, I can get a Lat/Long. Hold on a second.

08:46:53-08:47:42 EDT [16:28-17:17] Meanwhile ZBW is talking to the NEADS MCC Tech; AA 11 claimed to be 15 miles east of JFK; note: AA 11 is flown into the North Tower of the WTC at this very moment
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 3 MCC TK

Joe McCain (NEADS): Northeast Air Defense Sector, Sgt. McCain.
Colin Scoggins (ZBW): Yes, Colin Scoggins, Boston Center. How are you doing?
McCain: Doing just fine.
Scoggins: Are you all working trying to get someone up …?
McCain: Yes, we are.
Scoggins: By any chance can you give me an altitude on him. Do you have an altitude …?
McCain: Last was 29,000.
Scoggins: OK, I didn’t know if your radar could actually pick up a correct altitude just so we could kind of nail it down maybe.
McCain: We haven’t even found the track yet.
Scoggins: Oh, you haven’t found the track. Hold on one second. [To ZBW tracker:] Can you give me range bearing off of the nearest NAVAID? [Back to McCain:] It’s primary only but I’ll get you – I’ll get you a [inaudible] and you’ll be able to find him.
McCain: Is there any way you can –
Scoggins: 15 miles east of Kennedy.
McCain: 15 miles east of Kennedy.
Scoggins: Yeah, east of JFK, travelling southwest bound. He’s only doing about 300 knots.
McCain: 15 miles East of Kennedy doing 300 knots.
Scoggins: Yeah.

08:47:12-08:47:16 EDT [17:57-18:01] NEADS trackers at AST Op are awaiting updates
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

NEADS staffer 1: We’re getting updates now on him. Stand by.
NEADS staffer 2: We’re getting updates now on him. Stand by.

08:47:25-08:47:39 EDT [21:22-21:36] ZNY relays a second coordinate to NEADS ID desk; note: this is some 30 seconds after AA 11 crashed; the coordinate is south of WTC, where AA 11 never was
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

Sharon Majeski (ZNY): It’s showing a 40-39 North.
Shelley Watson (NEADS): 40-39 North.
Majeski: And 74-03 West.
Watson: 74-03 West. What was your last one?
Majeski: What’s what?
Watson: Thank you, Ma’am.
Majeski: OK.

08:47:41-08:48:37 EDT [21:38-22:34] ID Desk staff unsuccessfully searches for AA 11
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

Shelley Watson (NEADS): Right there. That’s where she said it was. I don’t see anybody going – well, wait a minute. Learn how to offset. Hello. I forgot how to offset.
NEADS staffer: ID 46 scrambled.
Maureen Dooley (NEADS): 46 scrambled? Is that Z-point? 40, 39, 44.
NEADS staffer 1: Track roughly –
NEADS staffer 2: At 46 (inaudible).
NEADS staffer 1: I’ve got him eight miles north of (inaudible).
NEADS staffer 2: OK.
Maureen Dooley (NEADS): Let’s bring it up and find a primary.
Watson: Well, we’re looking to see for a search target. That’s all they have, is primary. I don’t see – well, if she knows that –

08:47:53-min08:47:54 EDT [17:23-17:24] Last given JFK Fix/Radial/Distance from ZBW arrives at MCC Op
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 2 MCC Op

NEADS staffer: 15 Miles east of Kennedy.

08:48:07-08:48:47 EDT [17:42-18:22] ZBW talks to NEADS MCC Tech; MCC Tech tracks primary target east of JFK and loses it; both these events happen well after AA 11 crashed into the north tower of the WTC
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 3 MCC TK

Colin Scoggins (ZBW): You have visual on him?
Joe McCain (NEADS): We’re picking up a search track – let me give you a bearing right here. I got it 8 miles East, northeast of Kennedy on search only.
Scoggins: Eight miles East northeast from Kennedy. Eight miles northeast East. We have [inaudible] [To ZBW tracker:] Is that about right? [Back to McCain:] That’s about right. Do you have an altitude on that?
McCain: No, I don’t.
Scoggins: You don’t. When you get an altitude can you call us here at the Center?
McCain: I will do my best.
Scoggins: And we can pass that on to New York, our DSN here is 11635.
McCain: We’re losing primary on him now.
Scoggins: You’re losing primary on him now. Do you have another site or –
McCain: No.

08:48:22-08:48:58 EDT [17:52-18:28] MCC Op talks to a Sgt. from CONR, locates possible target which turns out to be unstable
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 2 MCC Op

CONR (Sgt. ?): The general would like – do you have radar coverage on this guy?
Kevin Nasypany (NEADS): We are picking them up – we’ve think we’ve picked them up right now. In search only track, he’s approximately 20 –
CONR: Can you point – can you point in or something for us?
Nasypany: We are getting ready to do that right now.
CONR: Great.
Nasypany: We’re getting ready to do it.
CONR: Yeah, I understand.
Nasypany: We just did a 25 mile track area, track production area, where we’re just beating that whole area up.
CONR: I can be looking forward to it on our screen momentarily?
Nasypany: It’s in and out and in and out, so we can’t give a good warm feely on that.
CONR: Right. Copy that, sir. Thanks a lot, appreciate it.

08:48:57-08:49:13 EDT [22:54-23:10] ZNY tells NEADS ID Desk that AA 11 is a CST right now
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

Stacia Rountree (NEADS): Is there any way, Ma’am, that we can get updates as far as the Lat/Long for that aircraft, you know as often –
Sharon Majeski (ZNY): Actually, I’m showing they’re tracking coast right now, so I don’t –
Rountree: Tracking coast what does that mean – is he northbound?
Majeski: It means as far as I’m showing we lost track on him, let me see if I can find out and –

08:49:07-08:49:19 EDT [19:52-20:04] NEADS Trackers told to keep up; note: no positional updates for the trackers since 8:45 EDT
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

Jeffrey Richmond (NEADS): OK, guys, keep an eye on the track. And, um, 11?
TT: Yeah?
Richmond: We’re looking for a search target, OK?

08:49:07-08:49:20 EDT [18:37-18:50] Possible target located in MCC Op
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 2 MCC Op

Kevin Nasypany (NEADS): Okay. Yeah, that’s CONR.
NEADS staffer 1: That’s what were seeing right now.
Nasypany: Yeah, but this – I don’t think it’s anything. How about that guy right there?
NEADS staffer 2: Roger that. I’ll do what we can.

08:50:12-08:50:46 EDT [19:42-20:16] MCC Op still got no track on AA 11
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 2 MCC Op

Kevin Nasypany (NEADS): Nope, not yet. We’re still trying to search. We think we might have them just east of New York, but it’s – no. Nope. We’re just – we got American Airlines, it’s a 767. American Airlines 11. Yes, American Airlines 11. OK. And we just got a call from CONR – well can you put it in we haven’t found them yet, so I already told them that.

08:50:27-08:50:43 EDT [24:24-24:40] ID Desk staff tries to find out what a coast track is
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

Maureen Dooley (NEADS): They showed him heading – what it was – she said north (inaudible) –
Shelley Watson (NEADS): Coastal. I didn’t know what coastal – I didn’t know what that meant.
Dooley: She said they – he – they showed him heading coastal now.
[Recorded message: Your call cannot be completed as dialed.]
Dooley: (Inaudible) to explain that –
Watson: We can’t call long distance from this.
Dooley: It’s primary only.

08:50:45-08:50:59 EDT [21:40-21:54] Second Z-point for trackers announced
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

Jeffrey Richmond (NEADS): Is that second Z-point his last position? Is it that Z-point?

08:50:45-08:51:13 EDT [24:42-25:10] Meanwhile NEADS ID Desk is waiting for more positional updates
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

Maureen Dooley (NEADS): They’re going to give us 3-5 minutes Lat/Long updates right now.
Shelley Watson (NEADS): Hey, you want to dial this number? 631-
Dooley: She’s watching him. That last Lat/Long is 40-39 n, 74-03w, and they’re going to give 3 and 5 minute updates.

08:50:50-08:52:00 EDT [20:20-20:30] McCain at the MCC Op tells that AA 11 would be east of JFK due to ZBW
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 2 MCC Op

Joe McCain (NEADS): 15 miles due east of JFK. Last position I got from Boston was 15 miles east of JFK. Okay?

08:50:58-08:51:12 EDT [24:55-25:09] ID Desk searches for AA 11 around JFK
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

Maureen Dooley (NEADS): Yes – no, that’s –
NEADS staffer: That’s JFK. All right?
Dooley: She’s watching him. That last Lat/Long was 4039-7403 west, and they re going to give us three- and five-minute updates.

08:51:14-08:51:31 EDT [21:59-22:16] Second coordinate is finally relayed to the TTs; trackers notice that it’s not east of JFK; note: this is more than four minutes after AA 11 crashed and 3-4 minutes after the coordinate was relayed to NEADS (ID Desk) by ZNY
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

Jeffrey Richmond (NEADS): OK. Eleven?
TT: Eleven on.
Richmond: See Bravo 2-10.
TT: Bravo 2-10, stand by.
Richmond: It’s a Z-point east of JFK.
TT: West.
Richmond: No, west. No, that can’t be, that’s west of JFK. Oh my, disregard.

08:51:32-08:52:19 EDT [22:17-23:04] TTs locate their first primary targets; note: this is more than five minutes after AA 11 crashed
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

TT: We’ve got three straight search tracks, Bravo 264 244 and 275.
Jeffrey Richmond (NEADS): Where? Where are they at?
TT: Most of them are south of the Z-point, quite a ways.
Richmond: OK, um, the Z-point you’re looking at?
TT: Yes.
Richmond: OK, now we’re just told the last known position was 15 miles east of JFK.
Richmond: So, where are you’re search targets you’re talking to me about?
TT: Uh …
Richmond: Give me an arrow. OK.

08:51:54-08:52:17 EDT [25:51-26:14] ID Desk learned of the WTC crash and now asks ZNY for altitude and tracking of AA 11; ZNY is unable to confirm anything
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

Shelley Watson (NEADS): New York (inaudible), Huntress ID.
Maureen Dooley (NEADS): See if they lost altitude on that plane altogether.
Sharon Majeski (ZNY): New York.
Watson: Yes, ma’am. Did you just hear the information regarding the World Trade Center?
Majeski: No.
Watson: – being hit by an aircraft?
Majeski: I’m sorry?
Watson: Being hit by an aircraft?
Majeski: You’re kidding.
Watson: It’s on the world news.
Stacia Rountree (NEADS): Ask them if they still have altitude.
Watson: Do you still have altitude on that aircraft that you have –
Majeski: No. Like – like I said, I’m – I don’t work a radar here.

08:52:20-08:52:42 EDT [23:05-23:27] TTs at AST Op locate more targets
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

TT: Um …
Jeffrey Richmond (NEADS): We’re trying, we’re trying to locate information.
TT: Whoops. I got a straight search, another one just came up.
Richmond: That’s had beacon to it, the one you just showed me. The first arrow, 25 miles south of JFK!

08:52:50-08:53:22 EDT [23:35-24:07] TTs are looking around JFK, new JFK Fix/Radial/Distance established
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

TT: Where’s JFK?
Jeffrey Richmond (NEADS): Turn on your NAVAID.
TT: Alright, got it. So, I’m just going to search south of JFK then.
Richmond: Yeah, we’re looking around JFK now, alright?
TT: Alright, straight search.
Richmond: They’re telling that he’s 20 miles south of JFK. Could be that he’s on approach and we can’t see him now, which is a very good possibility.

08:52:55-08:53:41 EDT [26:52-27:38] ID Desk learns from ZNY that tracking of AA 11 stopped
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

Maureen Dooley (NEADS): She doesn’t have – we need to find out who’s tracking this guy on their scope in the New York Center –
Shelley Watson (NEADS): Is there anybody tracking
Dooley: – (inaudible) and see if he still has an altitude. If he doesn’t have an —
ZNY (Jack Jackson?): Hello?
Dooley: – altitude, then they’re possibly –
Watson: New York Denter, Huntress ID.
Dooley: – the same aircraft. Did we get a tail number on that?
Watson: Is anyone tracking the hijacked American 11?
ZNY: I’m sorry. Start over again. What about American 11?
Watson: The hijacked aircraft, American 11, is anyone tracking, from New York Center, that aircraft?
ZNY: We had a primary target on him. We are trying to follow him as best we can. He is not squawking a beacon code whatsoever.
Dooley: Can you still see primary?
Watson: Can you still see primary?
ZNY: No, I do not see a primary target at this moment; however, he’s not in my airspace. So –
Watson: Okay. I just wanted to give you a heads-up, New York. I don’t know if you know, but the world Trade Center’s just been hit by an aircraft.
Dooley: They’ve lost primary on this guy.

08:53:25-08:53:59 EDT [24:10-24:44] One more target located by TTs
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

Jeffrey Richmond (NEADS): So just find me search targets, don’t be, don’t worry about airliners that we know that are cruising it.
TT: Um, there’s a Bravo 214, straight search.
Richmond: OK. I got Bravo 214, south.
TT: Looks like the best possibility. Started squawking now. Now he’s squawking 2113.
Richmond: That was a search target, but now he’s got a beacon to it?
TT: Alright.
Richmond: OK.

08:53:55-08:54:16 EDT [23:35-23:56] ZBW tells NEADS ID Desk that AA 11 got lost
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 7 ID2 OP

Colin Scoggins (ZBW): And the last hit we had, he was about eight miles south speed miles east of JFK, and he was tracking –
Maureen Dooley (NEADS): Do you have –
Scoggins: – southwest bound.
Dooley: Do you have any – are you still seeing him on your scope –
Scoggins: No.
Dooley: – at all?
Scoggins: No, we’ve lost everything.

08:54:09-08:54:22 EDT [24:54-25:07] Richmond is frustrated; no situational awareness yet
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

Jeffrey Richmond (NEADS): What’s wrong with our, our – those numbers should be right. There’s a problem with the FAA numbers then. That’s what I’m saying. Those are the new numbers, those are the numbers that were given to us, 80-7-06.

08:54:45-08:54:54 EDT [24:15-24:24] PANTA flights get redirected; 20 miles south of JFK FRD repeated
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 2 MCC Op

James Fox (NEADS): All right. Our last actual reported position if he didn’t crash into the World Trade Center was 20 miles south of JFK. So I want you take them down into this area.

08:55:30-08:55:51 EDT [25:05-25:26] Otis AFB staff mistrusts the second coordinate
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 3 MCC TK

Michael Kelly (Otis ANGB): And confirm that the location was 4040 north, west 74, please.
Joe McCain (NEADS): I’m sorry, say that again.
Kelly: 4040 North West 74.
McCain: And 74 West. And that is the location of the Main 85?
Kelly: No, that’s the – that was the location you guys gave me of the — of the 767.
McCain: Okay.
Kelly: I wanted to double check the 74 West.

08:56:02-08:56:20 EDT [25:42-26:00] ZBW repeats the information about the loss of AA 11
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 7 ID2 OP

Maureen Dooley (NEADS): Are you – are – can you say – is anyone up there tracking primary on this guy’s (inaudible)?
Colin Scoggins (ZBW): No. We had – the last that we had was about 15 miles east of JFK, or eight miles east of JFK was our last primary hit. He did slow down in speed, the primary that we had, it slowed down below – down to 300 knots.
Dooley: OK.
Scoggins: But that was the last thing we had on him.
Dooley: Okay.
Scoggins: And –
Dooley: And then you lost him.
Scoggins: Yeah, and then we lost him.

No verifiable tracking attempts after that.

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