Timeline of events, pre-crash

08:39:03-08:39:36 EDT [13:00-13:33] Boston Air Route Traffic Control Center (ZBW) relays first positional informations to the ID Desk: 40 miles north of JFK, heading towards JFK, primary only, speed decreases
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

Colin Scoggins (ZBW): Right now the position’s about 40 miles North of Kennedy.
Shelley Watson (NEADS): 40 miles north of Kennedy?
Scoggins: Right.
Watson: Do you have a mode 3?
Scoggins: No we don’t he’s a primary target only.
Watson: Primary target only?
Scoggins: Yup.
Watson: OK and you don’t know where he’s coming from or his destination?
Scoggins: No idea. He took off out of Boston originally heading for Los Angeles.
Watson: Boston to Los Angeles?
Scoggins: That was his original destination yeah.
Watson: And where are they going now do you know?
Scoggins: No idea, he’s heading towards Kennedy, oh looks like speed is decreasing. I’m not exactly sure where, nobody really –

08:39:19-08:39:28 EDT [08:54-09:03] MCC TK meanwhile asks ZBW for a Lat/Long on AA 11
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 3 MCC TK

Dawne Deskins (NEADS): OK. Do you have a general location as to where he is?
Joseph Cooper (ZBW): We’re still tracking him right now.
Deskins: You’re tracking. Can you give me a Lat/Long of where you think he is just for RSA?
Cooper: Yeah, hold on second.

08:39:51-08:40:19 EDT [13:48-14:16] Further positional information relayed from ZBW to the ID Desk: 35 miles north of JFK, still primary target, heading towards JFK
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

Shelley Watson (NEADS): But you don’t have any modes or codes on him?
Colin Scoggins (ZBW): Nope, right now it’s just, uh, no we don’t have any modes yet.
Watson: Is he inbound to JFK?
Scoggins: We don’t know.
Watson: You don’t know where he is at all?
Scoggins: He’s being hijacked, the pilots having a hard time talking to the … I mean we don’t know, we don’t know where he’s going. He’s heading towards Kennedy, he’s, like I said, he’s about 35 miles north of Kennedy now, at 367 knots.
Watson: OK.

08:40:03-08:40:11 EDT [09:38-09:46] MCC TK receives first coordinate for AA 11
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 3 MCC TK

Joseph Cooper (ZBW): 4115 North.
Dawne Deskins (NEADS): 4115 North.
Cooper: 07346 West.
Deskins: 07346 West.

08:40:49-08:40:53 EDT [11:34-11:38] AST Op staff plans the recall of the J53 radar site (North Truro, MA) as a backup for J52 (Riverhead, NY)
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

NEADS staffer: [Inaudible] recall 53?
Jeffrey Richmond (NEADS): Yes, go forward. 52 backup.

08:41:03-08:41:10 EDT [11:48-11:55] NEADS trackers prepare to look for primary targets
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

TT 1 (NEADS): I start looking for primary out there some place, guys.
TT 2 (NEADS): You look at the maps … primary? Search, any search maps in?

08:41:15-08:41:27 EDT [12:00-12:12] AST Op informs MCC Op about the planned recall of J52
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

Jeffrey Richmond (NEADS): MCC? Be advised 53 is down. We’re recalling it now. About 15 minutes to get it back up, we hope. Hope they haven’t burnt it apart.

08:41:17-08:41:23 EDT [15:14-15:20] NEADS ID Desk is worried about finding AA 11 without a mode 3 code
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

Maureen Dooley (NEADS): There’s no way we can find him without a mode 3.
Shelley Watson (NEADS): I got cold chills, oh my God.

08:41:35-08:41:51 EDT [12:20-12:36] NEADS trackers still wait for positional information
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

Jeffrey Richmond (NEADS): So far it’s a hijack. They don’t have a position. They’re seeing it primary only they said. They’re seeing it primary only. [Background conversation] That could be anywhere, as it was over the land.

08:41:49-08:42:37 EDT [15:46-16:34] NEADS ID Desk requests mode 3 code from ZBW
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

Colin Scoggins (ZBW): Boston Center.
Shelley Watson (NEADS): Yeah, Huntress calling. Did you guys have a mode 3 at all on American 11?
Scoggins: Last altitude we saw him he was descending to flight level 2-9-0.
Watson: You have a, I’m sorry, a prior mode 3 for American 11?
Scoggins: Um.
Watson: Do you have anything, any information for mode 3 because we can locate him on the scope, if so.
Scoggins: Well, last known altitude was flight level 2-9-0, before that he was requesting, uh, hold on it looks like he was requesting flight level 3-5-0.
Watson: OK, all we’re asking is your mode 3, your mode 3. Did you assign any mode 3 to that aircraft?
Scoggins: Um, originally it was … hold on.

08:42:05-08:42:30 EDT [12:55-13:19] Meanwhile AST Op gets informed that a J53 recall is impossible
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

Jeffrey Richmond (NEADS): I’m off the loop, off the loop, open line. Good [inaudible], Sgt. Richmond.
Patty ? (NEADS): Uh, MC?
Richmond: Yes.
Patty: I can’t hear you.
Richmond: Yes, go. Sgt. Richmond.
Patty: This is Patty. Just called the site J53 and they said it is totally, utterly impossible.
Richmond: Impossible?
Patty: Yup.
Richmond: They just can’t start put it back together?
Patty: Nope.
Richmond: Thank you.
Patty: OK.

08:42:31-08:42:58 EDT [13:20-13:47] Working radar sites established
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

Jeffrey Richmond (NEADS): MCC?
Kevin Nasypany (NEADS): Yes.
Richmond: I’ve just got a call that it’s totally, utterly impossible to recall 53.
Nasypany: Three zero six four. [Simultaneous background conversation]
Richmond: 52 is working.
NEADS staffer (McCain?): What we’re looking at right now is, we can’t make sure that 55, 56 and 52 [inaudible].
Richmond: 52 is good, 55 is good.

08:42:44-08:42:45 EDT [16:41-16:43] According to ID Desk staff, J53 is not needed to track AA 11
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

Shelley Watson (NEADS): We still should be able to get it without 53.

08:43:10-08:43:50 EDT [12:40-13:20] Coordinate communicated by MCC
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 2 MCC Op

Stacia Rountree (NEADS): This is the Lat/Long we’re showing him at. We’re showing him at the last –
Kevin Nasypany (NEADS): Speed? Lat/Long 41 –
NEADS staffer 1: 2-9-0 [inaudible].
Nasypany: Right.
NEADS staffer 2: 073.
Nasypany: What was that? [Background conversation] Okay. Let’s find this guy. Yeah, 41 – remember we’re putting it in. 1443, look for it.
NEADS staffer 2: I just put in the Z-point.

08:43:15-08:43:42 EDT [14:00-14:27] AST Op staff plans to call the J53 radar site
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

NEADS staffer: I need a real-world, uh, mine [?] here.
Richmond: For what? North Truro? You going to call them? They’re not going to help you out.
NEADS staffer: Would you read that up to me?
Richmond: It’s a commercial number. [Reads North Truro phone number]

08:43:19-08:43:32 EDT [17:16-17:29] ID Desk wants to request mode 3 code of planes near AA 11
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

Stacia Rountree (NEADS): You know what, I have an idea. Ask him if he’s got anybody near – like, near the aircraft that (inaudible) track him (inaudible) aircraft that’s near him.
Shelley Watson (NEADS): Okay.
Rountree: You know, at least trying to figure out where the hell he’s flying. They could see him on primary (inaudible).

08:43:42-08:44:13 EDT [17:39-18:10] ZBW relays mode 3 code to NEADS ID Desk
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

Colin Scoggins (ZBW): Hello.
Shelley Watson (NEADS): Yes, go ahead.
Scoggins: His original code was 1443.
Watson: 1443…copy that, sir. One more question.
Scoggins: Yup.
Watson: Are any aircrafts close by him that you maybe can give us a mode 3?
Scoggins: Um.
Watson: Yes.
Scoggins: I think we’re working on that. I don’t have anybody next to him right now but um his speed is slowing down now, he’s flying southwest bound now so… we don’t have anybody close to him.
Watson: OK, thank you sir.
Scoggins: OK.

08:43:45-08:43:48 EDT [13:15-13:18] The mode 3 code almost simultaneously arrives at the MCC
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 2 MCC Op

NEADS staffer: 1443.
Kevin Nasypany (NEADS): 1443, look for it.

08:43:25-08:44:45 EDT [13:33-14:15] Z-point is established in the tracking system of MCC Op
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 2 MCC Op

NEADS staffer: I just put in the Z-point. [Background conversation]
Kevin Nasypany (NEADS): Right there. Okay. Mode 3: 1443. Last known. No, this is real world. Okay we’re in the high chair. Sir, last know position that we got out of this guy was right there at the Z- point. He’s heading 190 at 29,000 feet, he’s heading down. So we’re looking for somebody – you know what? Just start hitting up tracks all around that area that Z-point. What scramble it? OK. Just north of, um, there.

08:44:19-08:44:32 EDT [18:16-18:29] ID Desk staff approximates the current location of AA 11 on the scope
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

Maureen Dooley (NEADS): (Inaudible) on the scope up there is his approximate location.
Shelley Watson (NEADS): He said nobody – should have a – surveillance hit up everybody in that area and bring up – it looks like they are, though.
NEADS etaffer: You know what, they’re starting to track all around that area.
Watson: Yeah. He said nobody in that – nobody in -
NEADS staffer: Okay, just north of –

08:44:58-08:45:17 EDT [14:28-14:47] Destination for PANTA flights established (= Z-point)
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 2 MCC Op

James Fox (NEADS): MCC I don’t know where I’m scrambling these guys to. I need a direction, a destination.
Kevin Nasypany (NEADS): Okay I’m gonna give you the Z-point. It’s just north, um, of New York City.
Fox: I got this Lat/Long, 4115:7436 or 7346.
Nasypany: Head them in that direction.

08:45:04-08:45:55 EDT [15:49-16:40] Reference point for the TT established; note: This is five minutes after this coordinate was relayed to NEADS (ID Desk)
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

Jeffrey Richmond (NEADS): Is it that reference point? Is it that reference point? OK, so I got Eleven. Is it you on, eleven? Eleven?
TT (NEADS): Eleven on.
Richmond: OK, eleven. Let’s look. Pay attention here to what I’m sending you.
TT: OK, stand by. Send it.
Richmond: See that arrow, I believe that is his last known position. I want you to tag everything around that in a standard 25 miles thing. And you’ve got that area until we find him.
TT: [Inaudible] that. I’m on it.

08:46:02-08:46:27 EDT [16:47-17:12] Reference point for the trackers confirmed
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op

Jeffrey Richmond (NEADS): KKKK is his last position? MCC? MCC? KKKK, is that his last position?
Kevin Nasypany (NEADS): Yes.
Richmond: We’re working on a 25 miles box around that, hitting everything up.

08:46:03-08:46:18 EDT [20:00-20:15] ID Desk staff tries to locate AA 11 through its original mode 3 code
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

Maureen Dooley (NEADS): Keep trying to F-locate that mode 3.
NEADS staffer: Got nothing. Do it again. 1443, (inaudible).
Dooley: Yes.

08:46:37-08:46:51 EDT [16:07-16:21] 25 miles search radius around the Z-point gets confirmed in MCC Op
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 2 MCC Op

Kevin Nasypany (NEADS): Okay. What we’re doing, we’re trying to locate this guy. We can’t find him via IFF what we’re going to do. We’re going to hit up every track within a 25 miles radius of this Z-point that we put on the scope. 29,000 heading 190, we’re going to try to find this guy.

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